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Storytelling takes the listener into a fantasy world. A world where anything can happen to anyone. One of the beauties of a storytelling workshop is that it can take place wherever you like – I regularly visit schools , museums and libraries. I’ve run party workshops and church workshops – most recently I ran a workshop in a woodland clearing!

Each workshop is designed to stretch the imagination and encourage learning in a non- pressured way. I can create a workshop to fit a specific curriculum, exhibition or party requirement. Using a combination of props, laughter and energy I work with the children to create a unique experience making storytellers of them all! We can even go on and create a full colour book of their stories at a Stories and Storytelling Book in a Day Workshop.

What’s more, the government’s Talk for Writing initiative has highlighted the benefits of using storytelling in the classroom. My workshops for teachers and youth leaders can help you to improve your storytelling skills.

More information about my workshops is available by following the links!

Alternatively, feel free to call or email me direct.